The Course

Tralee Pitch and Putt’s 18-hole championship course is enjoyable for experienced pitch and putt players, golfers, and the more casual player just looking for a day out. Holes vary in length, with the shortest at 30m and the longest at 60m, with most holes being between 40 and 50m long.

Hole 1:

The first hole is a 30 metre uphill pitch to a heavily sloping green. Hit the left or right hand side of the green and the ball could kick off and down the sides, leaving a difficult second shot. Long will find a tough downhill chip. Most players will be happy with a par here.

Hole 2:

From the tee, you are faced with a 38 metre shot between two tall ash trees. The green slopes heavily to the left from the centre. One of those holes on the course that can seem much easier than it is.

Hole 3:

Playing 50 metres slightly downhill, another hole that looks a lot easier than it is. The green has a lot of hidden slopes and golf balls will often get an awkward bounce. Putting is very tricky on this hole, with most putts sloping far more than you would expect.

Hole 4:

Playing back up toward the clubhouse, this 47 metre hole can be very challenging. A narrow green leaves little room for error from the tee, and if you’re chipping from the back of the green, you’ll be very lucky if the ball doesn’t roll down the other side.

Hole 5:

One of the most scenic holes at Tralee Pitch and Putt, the 5th was once one of the hardest holes on the course. Lined by tall ash trees on either side, this 48 metre pitch is pretty straightforward. The trees are often an obstacle and put pressure on the player to hit a straight shot.

Hole 6:

By index, the second easiest hole on the course, the 38 metre 6th is no walk in the park. The small hump before the green can cause a distraction, and the left side of the green is heavily sloped. If the pin is on the left, most players will be glad to finish the hole with a par. If the pin is anywhere else, birdies are much easier to come by.

Hole 7:

The longest hole on the course at 63 metres, the 7th is also the second hardest. Hitting the ball far enough is often the biggest challenge here, but the trees that line both sides of the fairway. can also cause problems. The hump before the green often makes people think the hole is shorter than it is, but a strong hit is required to get near this green.

Hole 8:

In many ways this hole is very similar to the 4th. This hole is a similar distance at 48 metres, and if you go long here, your chip will need to be perfect to save par, as the green slopes toward the tee box. More skilled players will often see their ball spin off the front of the green.

Hole 9:

The 5th hardest hole on the course, this hole is a 54 metre pitch toward one of the most difficult greens. The deep slopes on the left and right of the green will kick golf balls away from the green. A very tough green to pitch with some tricky slopes for putting.

Hole 10:

Standing at the tee box, it’s easy to think this hole is simple. It’s a short 30 metre pitch, the green is slightly elevated but not much. But in practice, the shot is a lot harder than it may seem. Missing on any side can make things tricky. One of the easier holes on the course, but it’s very easy to get complacent here.

Hole 11:

Without a doubt, the most difficult green to putt on on the course, the 9th is the third hardest hole by index. There’s no easy hole location on this green. If you go long, you could easily chip off the opposite side of the green, the same can be said if you go short. Birdies are rare at this hole and to pitch the ball close is quite the achievement.

Hole 12:

The second longest hole on the course, the 12th is also the first hole with bunkers. Two bunkers sit short of the green, welcoming any under hit pitches. A steep slope on the right side of the green is used by more experienced players to bring the ball into the middle of the green. Hitting the green is paramount here as chips tend to run through and be quite unpredictable.

Hole 13:

The only green on the course you can’t see from the tee box, meaning pitching to this hole requires a lot of feel. If you don’t get up the hill at the front, you’ll be left with a very tough second shot. Being on the green is a bonus, but there’s plenty of deceiving slopes that make putting difficult. Give every putt a second thought here.

Hole 14:

Another short hole that is a test of a player’s pitching ability. Two bunkers sit short of the green, and a large drop at the back welcomes pitches that were hit a little too hard. The green slopes heavily away from the tee box so balls will often skip off the green and down the back.

Hole 15:

By index, the easiest hole on the course. A 40 metre uphill pitch to a fairly flat green, with another two bunkers set up in front of the green. The green slopes heavily at the front and right. This hole plays easiest when the pin is on the back portion of the green.

Hole 16:

The hardest hole on the course. From an elevated tee, the player must pitch the ball 50 metres toward the relatively small green. Short and the player risks going into one of the two large bunkers. Long or off to the sides and the sides of the green will kick the ball off at least a few feet. Easily the toughest green to pitch from the tee box.

Hole 17:

51 metres toward one of the longest greens on the course, 17 is a hole the experienced player will be expecting to birdie more often than not. A single bunker is set up in front of the green and while more skilled players can easily avoid it, it can be very tough to get out of. A large hill sits on the right side of the green, and errant tee shots will often kick off it and toward the middle of the green.

Hole 18:

The 18th is situated right in front of the clubhouse and in many ways, it’s a hole similar to the 16th. Long or off to the side and the player will be left with a tough second shot. Short and the player will find the steep bunker. The green is heavily sloped on its right side, but is flatter on the left. A tense hole to play when the clubhouse balcony is loaded in the summer.

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