Competition Payment

Members can use the various options below to pay for entry to club, county, provincial, and national competitions. There are options to pay for a number of competitions at once or to pay for only one at a time.

County, Munster, and National Strokeplays and Matchplays

This option allows you to pay for your entry to the County Strokeplay and Matchplay (€10 each), the Munster Strokeplay and Matchplay (€15 each), and the National Strokeplay and Matchplay (€15 each) for a total of €80.


National Matchplay

€15 entry fee for the National Matchplay.


County Strokeplay

Pay €10 entry fee for the County Strokeplay.



Munster Strokeplay

Pay €15 entry fee for the Munster Strokeplay. Qualifiers in Castleisland on May 15th, Finals in Bruff on May 28th/29th



National Strokeplay

Pay €15 entry fee for the National Strokeplay. Qualifiers in Listowel on 12th June, Finals in Ringcommons/Killineer on 2nd/3rd July.